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Customer Support & Experience Specialist

Location: US Remote

Salary: $45,000 to $60,000 / year (range based on experience)

Healthcare Benefits: Platinum Anthem HMO Insurance plan (100% of premium paid)

Additional Benefits: Employee Equity

Vacation: 3 weeks paid time off, 4 weeks after year 1

Our Company

Rocky Talkie launched in late 2019 with its signature product, a backcountry radio made for climbers and skiers (view our backstory video here). We are known for our commitment to making easy-to-use and durable radios for use in the backcountry, as well as our best in class customer service. Rocky Talkie has a rapidly growing base of happy customers (see reviews here) in the USA and Canada. Although we initially designed our radio with climbers and skiers in mind, the radio has been adopted by a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts and commercial applications. Our team has other products in the works for launch in 2023.

Our team is driven every day by the belief that better communication in the backcountry will save lives. As part of this mission, we donate $2 per radio to search and rescue teams around the country.

The Role

We are seeking an entrepreneurially minded individual to join our fast-growing, exceptional team! As with any growing small-business, work within our company is extremely varied, and we are seeking someone with a wide range of skills and interests. This role is mainly focused on forming strong relationships with our customers, community members, and partners. We have built a reputation for exceeding expectations in our customer support with our level of care and generosity. The role will require becoming an expert on our products in order to help customers who reach out for guidance, and diagnose any technical issues they might have.

Rocky Talkie began as a passion project and we care deeply about our customers and their experience. We view customer interactions as one of the most strategic parts of our business. Since day one, our strategy has been to 1. create the best outdoor radios, and 2. have fantastic customer service (which is often lacking in this industry).

We are expanding rapidly, and your role will grow along with the company.

Areas of involvement include:

  1. Customer Support– Help our team respond to customer questions and other inquiries (via email and social channels). We strive to educate customers while exceeding their expectations with our responses and generosity.
  2. Customer Experience – Track customer inquiries, analyze data to identify weaknesses in the customer journey (education, expectations, customer service, etc.), and implement creative solutions.
  3. Collaborations & Partnerships – Work creatively with members of our community and the broader outdoor industry. We enjoy supporting and partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our values!
  4. Areas of Specialization These areas present candidates with the opportunity to become our team's resident expert in critical areas of our business.
    1. Admin and Operations (Billing, HR, etc.) Develop expertise in payments to partners and employees, collaborate with our accounting and HR partners, help ensure employee benefits are seamless, receive company mail, etc. This specialization offers a unique perspective into the day to day operations and finances for Rocky Talkie. You will work directly with our President who is currently doing most of this work. This specialization is a good fit for anyone with a talent for organization and attention to detail.
    2. Social Media Support and Pro-deals Excel in collaborating with the community through our social media channels to answer questions and keep the stoke high! Manage our pro-program for athletes and outdoor industry professionals. This specialization is a good fit for somehow who has a knack for easily connecting with folks in the outdoor industry. 
    3. Technical support and Troubleshooting Help our team work through the most technical questions and product issues that arise. Become an expert in our radios and the radio industry.  Help turn customer feedback into failure analysis, new product development, and educational resources. This specialization is a good fit for technical folks who enjoy deeply understanding electronics and technical communication.
Success in this role could look like:
  • You are a radio expert and can answer both brand and technical questions quickly and competently.
  • You support customers by going above and beyond their expectations and receive recognition in their customer reviews.
  • You have identified important customer support metrics and created a monitoring system that provides ongoing updates on customer satisfaction with our services and products.
  • You have established new informational and educational content to resolve customer questions before they even happen.
  • You have found the brand voice and have engaged with the community, leading to a growth in Rocky Talkie’s brand.
  • You are a flexible team player who has developed good communication habits essential to running a successful remote team.


  1. Proficient writer and communicator
  2. A high level of energy to rapidly grow with our company
  3. Detail oriented and extremely organized
  4. Humility, curiosity, and humor


  1. Experience working in the outdoor industry and / or product marketing
  2. Outdoor sports enthusiast
  3. HAM radio experience
  4. A strong eye for quality photography / videography
  5. Social / community management experience
  6. Negotiation skills
  7. Leadership experience
  8. Experience with or interest in radios


Please email the following to with the subject line “Customer Support Application”:

  1. Resume
  2. Briefly introduce yourself and let us know about your interest in the role and our company.
  3. Please let us know which of the "Areas of Specializations" mentioned in the listing above you would be interested in.
  4. Please draft responses to these two sample support requests:
    1. "I heard from my buddy that you offer a SAR discount on these walkie talkies? If so, I'd love to purchase some. I work with Vail mountain rescue and have attached my rescue card. Thanks in advance!" Hint: Policy is 25% off for SAR (Search and Rescue) members and we create them a custom personalized discount code.
    2. "I ordered the radios 5 days ago, your website said you have 2 day delivery! My radios still aren't here and I need them for my trip tomorrow! What's going on?Hint: We ship out packages with FedEx and typically it takes 2 business days with 1 business day for processing.
  5. Please let us know how you came across this job!

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      - Rocky Talkie Team