Dashmount for 5 Watt Radio

Dashmount for 5 Watt Radio




Please note - each radio is sold individually

The Dashmount system enables you to easily mount and use your 5 Watt Radio in your vehicle, both on and off-road. The 5 Watt Cradle is made of high-impact plastic and includes an optional rubber retaining strap for extreme terrain. We teamed up with RAM® Mounts to make the cradle fully compatible with RAM® mounting systems, or you can purchase the Cradle Only version and use your preferred 3rd-party mount.

The Dashmount for 5 Watt Radio has two purchase options:

  • 5 Watt Cradle + RAM® mount kit(4 pieces)
    • Cradle, rubber strap, and screws
    • RAM® Diamond Ball Base - B Size (RAM-B-238U)
    • RAM® Composite Double Socket Arm - B Size Medium (RAP-B-201U)
    • RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Base with Ball (RAM-B-224-1U)
  • 5 Watt Cradle Only:
    • Cradle, rubber strap, and screws

The 5 Watt Cradle includes M5 stainless steel screws and two threaded inserts spaced 1.912" (or 48.5mm) apart. This matches the standard 2-hole AMPS pattern and will connect to a large variety of RAM® Mounts & third-party mounts.