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You can’t plan for every scenario out in the wild, but clear communication can help. This is our mantra as we help you plan, prepare and troubleshoot your next great adventure!

- Anna, Customer Support Team

Your Support Team

Anna, Customer Experience Lead

Anna is an outdoor enthusiast and artist from the Pacific Northwest. When she is not connecting with the incredible Rocky Talkie community, she can be found climbing, skiing, reading, or trail running with her dog \ best friend Jake. She is a certified HAM and it makes her day when folks include dog pictures with their emails:).

Leila, Customer Experience Specialist

Leila is a rock climber with extensive experience in the climbing industry! She has worked as a climbing guide as well as a route setter at her home gym in Colorado Springs. She is passionate about HAM radio and helping people reach their goals outdoors!

Nate, Customer Experience Specialist

Nate hails from Southern California and loves to surf, cycle and backpack. After a decade of experience in the film industry, his passions for HAM radio and facilitating positive customer experiences have led him to Rocky Talkie. He can be found wandering trails with his dog Cedar.

Jessica, Customer Experience Specialist

Jessica is a passionate outdoor recreationalist currently exploring the mountains of North Carolina. She has a Masters in Environmental Policy from CU Boulder, and has worked in the Outdoor Industry for several years, with a focus on Sustainability and Accessibility. Jessica is also HAM certified!

Alex, Co-founder and Head of Product

Alex is an engineer that has been designing the Rocky Talkie from the start. He is a climber, artist, and loves quesadillas. Alex is passionate about bringing technology to the backcountry. Ask him anything!