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Understanding Walkie Talkie Range

Understanding Walkie Talkie Range
Understanding how far hand-held radios can communicate is one of the most confusing parts of buying a radio. Most radio manufacturers advertise maximum ranges under ideal conditions. However, the actual usable range of radios changes drastically situation to situation and is usually no where close to the maximum range listed...

Using Radios in Rock Climbing

I perched on a small ledge high above the glacier, my feet crammed into cold climbing shoes and neck craned upwards to where the rope snaked out of sight into the broken rock features above. My partner and I had made a long anticipated trip to the Bugaboos in British Columbia, and after several days of non-stop rain were hoping to move quickly and safely up the classic Northeast ridge of Bugaboo Spire before the next storm rolled in. I glanced down at the remaining few coils of rope at my feet and reached for the radio clipped to my pack’s shoulder strap - “Ten Feet!” I said. “Microtraxion on!” my partner’s voice came back over the radio. I keyed the mic once more as the last loop of rope rose off the ledge; “Climbing!” We moved upwards together...