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The Rocky Talkie 5 Watt Radio operates on GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequencies. In order to operate a GMRS radio, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires you to obtain a GMRS license. The process for getting a GMRS license can be a bit nuanced, so we’re here to help!
Whether you’re climbing an epic multipitch, backpacking over the weekend with friends, or going for a trail run with the pup, your Rocky Talkies will have you covered. Here are a few tips and tricks from our team to keep your communication dialed while you’re out and about.

On January 28, 2021, the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team was called in to rescue a lost snowboarder amid some of the most perilous avalanche conditions the area had ever seen.

On October 20, 2021, Joe Walton fell more than 200 feet while simul-climbing the multipitch classic Epinephrine, leaving rescuers with a complex—and almost miraculous—situation on their hands.
On July 30th, 2021, through landslides, lighting, and 2 inches of hail, Ouray Mountain Rescue volunteers prove that saving a life on Mount Sneffels takes a village.
When a climber fell 30 feet and fractured his spine on July 19, 2021, Larimer County Search and Rescue pulled out all the stops to save him.
In this comprehensive guide on how to stay safe while rock climbing, Michael Levy outlines the necessary communication essentials while weaving an exhilarating narrative of his alpine adventures through Peru.
When Felipe Tapia Nordenflycht mentioned an interest in route development, his friends threw him into the deep end. The team ultimately established a huge new 5.11+ in Zion—but not without some fits and starts.
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This summer, a hiker fell 30 feet, dislocating his femur and tearing open a major artery. Quick action from the Organ Mountain Technical Rescue Squad allowed rescuers to pull off a complicated extraction from a desert ravine—just in the nick of time.
When Mike Marr’s ski hit a submerged rock and failed to release, he was left immobile and in excruciating pain on the slopes of Colorado’s highest mountain. Just as night fell, Lake County Search and Rescue arrived to begin a complex winter rescue on skis.
In one of the most involved rescues in Summit County history, volunteers hauled a patient over a ridge and more than 1,500 vertical feet through remote, loose mountain terrain—all just ahead of a looming winter storm.
For skiers, early winter brings the stoke—but not necessarily the snow. Regardless of conditions, the early season has its charm. 
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