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What makes the Rocky Talkie different from other radios?

The Rocky Talkie is designed for athletes to push their limits in the outdoors. Unlike the fragile plastic belt clips of other radios, our radio easily secures to backpacks and harnesses using an ultra-light carabiner. For extreme terrain, a back-up leash is included to prevent drops. We find that this system is the difference between actively using the radio and keeping it in a backpack for emergencies.

In addition to the convenience offered, the Rocky Talkie includes a shatterproof LED screen (no-glass) and a thermoplastic covering to protect the electronics. The radio is ready to use out of the box and requires zero configuration. The electronics are simple and reliable - we cut out all of the superfluous radio features that kill battery life. The radio has 5 buttons that are easy to understand and still support the critical advanced features (such as privacy codes to prevent outside interference).

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