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Sustainability at Rocky Talkie

Our Commitment

We founded Rocky Talkie with the mission to give adventurers the confidence to push their limits in the backcountry through improved communication. At the same time, our small team is deeply passionate about protecting our wild places and preserving them for the generations to come. This has been the inspiration for our most essential initiative yet, to grow our company in a sustainable way.

Rocky Talkie is committed to achieving a net-zero impact for our own footprint, in addition to influencing our supply chain partners towards sustainable practices. The following are our current sustainability initiatives and considerations.

Product Durability and Commitment to Quality

Durability is one of our core design principles and we strive to develop products that will endure for many years of backcountry adventures. We aim to break the mold of cheap disposable walkie talkies that are commonly sold throughout our industry. To this end, we are committed to selecting high-quality, long-lasting components. Our radios use lithium-ion batteries that were designed to be removable and can be replaced if necessary, without the need to replace the entire device. Our goal is to shift the industry away from low-quality radios that need to be frequently replaced, helping to cut down on electronic waste, and provide our customers with reliable gear.

Sustainable Packaging Initiative

In 2020 we reduced the size of our radio box by 50%, minimizing packaging waste and increasing our shipping efficiency. We also moved away from protective styrofoam inserts by engineering a fully recyclable cardboard insert that still securely holds the radio in place and protects it while in transit.

Your Rocky Talkie box is made from completely recycled materials and can be recycled when it is no longer needed. Additionally, we recently launched our Rocky Talkie Swag Collection and have kept the packaging to a simple compostable tie.

Pursuing Carbon Neutrality

In terms of long term impact to our planet, we recognize that climate change is the biggest threat we face. Our team is committed to taking responsibility for our carbon emissions and setting reduction targets for our footprint. As a small business working toward net-zero, we recognize the need for a rigorous and structured standard to help ensure we accomplish carbon neutrality responsibly. With that in mind, we are establishing a partnership with Climate Neutral and aim to be fully certified in 2023.

As a globally-recognized standard, we believe Climate Neutral is the best partner for our path towards carbon neutrality. We at Rocky Talkie are excited for the opportunity to join hundreds of other companies in taking responsibility for our carbon emissions.

Our team is currently working toward certification with Climate Neutral. The 3-step certification process includes:

  1. Measuring the carbon impacts throughout our company, from manufacturing to distribution to the end customer.
  2. Reducing our carbon emissions and developing a Reduction Action Plan for the years to come.
  3. Offsetting our carbon emissions by purchasing verified carbon and energy credits.

Carbon credits are just one way to account and offset our own impact, and we are keenly aware and disappointed by the lack of accreditation/regulation in the carbon credit industry. Our team, with the help of Climate Neutral, will pursue responsible choices in carbon offsets and is committed to doing due diligence on each source of credits we choose.

This is just the beginning and we’re excited you are joining us on our journey to a more sustainable future!