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The Rocky Talkie Pledge

Our Pledge

Our team is driven every day by the belief that better communication in the backcountry will save lives. We also understand that accidents will still happen even with perfect communication. That's why we donate $2 per radio to search and rescue (SAR) teams across the country.

Donations are intended to both support underfunded teams and recognize the extraordinary efforts that first responders make on a regular basis to help those in need. In 2020 we kicked off two new programs: The Rocky Talkie SAR Award and the SAR Team Grants.

Photo by Savannah Cummins during a rescue in El Potrero Chico

The Rocky Talkie Search and Rescue Award:

This award recognizes search and rescue teams for the selfless service they provide to our communities. There is $10,000 in total prize money, with a top award of $5,000. Nominations ended December 20th, 2020.

Search and Rescue Team Grants:

Grants are given to SAR teams across the U.S. that lack funding for critical equipment and supplies for operations.

Teams we have supported

Potrero Chico Voluntarios
Potrero Chico Voluntarios
Ouray Mountain Rescue Team
Ouray Mountain Rescue Team