Rocky Talkie Enhancements - July 2020

Since launching the Rocky Talkie in November 2019, our team has collected feedback from customers and our product testing team. Despite the feedback being overwhelmingly positive, we identified 10 enhancements to further perfect the Rocky Talkie as the go-to adventure radio. Starting July 2020, all radios sold will include these enhancements.

1. USB-C Charging & Port Cover

The new radio makes the switch from Micro-USB to USB-C charging. USB-C is increasingly becoming the standard for most electronics, as it is more durable and provides a superior charging experience. We added a plug on the bottom of the thermoplastic case that protects the USB-C port. In our first version of the Rocky Talkie we designed the charging port to be rain and snow resistant, but with the newly added port cover you will get increased waterproofing, as well as protection from dirt / dust.

2. Greater Waterproofing

While the radio is still not completely submergible, the new radio has achieved a waterproof rating of IP56. So what does this mean? While you cannot take your Rocky Talkie for a swim, your radio will hold up against high-pressure water jets from all directions.

3. SCAN Mode

The newest version of the Rocky Talkie has an added channel SCAN feature. This feature is designed to help Rocky Talkie users find other radio users in the area. The SCAN feature is activated by holding the channel flipper back for two seconds. The radio will begin scanning all 22 frequencies until a transmission is found (or until any button is pressed to stop scanning).

4. Increased Glove Compatibility

From day one, we really focused on designing the buttons of the Rocky Talkie to be both durable and functional. In the new version of the radio, we improved the buttons even more. The new PTT button is slightly less recessed, improving the experience when using the radio with gloves on.

5. Specialized Cold Resistant Battery

All generations of the Rocky Talkie battery are designed to operate in cold temperatures, but our new model (RT-Cold) offers even greater efficiency in the extreme cold (-20 F). This battery upgrade comes standard on all new Rocky Talkies.

6. Charging Indicator Light

The Rocky Talkie uses an indicator light to show when the radio is charging (red light) and when it is fully charged (green light). In the past, this light was positioned on the charging adapter. In the new version, this light has been moved to the battery itself. This allows users to identify charging status even while using a battery pack, solar charger, etc. on their adventures.

7. Advanced functions listed on the radio

The new radio has all of the secondary functions (privacy codes, power levels, channel lock, and SCAN mode) labeled next to the button. Simply find the function you want to adjust, and hold the button/flipper for 2 seconds.

8. More icons added to the screen

The LED screen has also been updated with additional icons. The letters H and L now indicate whether your channel is set to high (2 watts) or low power (0.5 watts). The bell icon indicates the roger beep is engaged.

9. Volume and Audio Clarity

The Rocky Talkie still has 10 volume levels, however, we increased the volume on the upper levels making the radio even louder while maintaining excellent audio clarity. This change comes in handy on windy days or when using the radios in noisy motor sports.

10. Snow/Water Shedding Design

We updated the look of the Rocky Talkie with performance in mind. The new front grill is designed to shed snow and water, which helps protect microphone and speaker and keep them clear while taking powdery turns or in the rain.

You can learn more and shop the new radio here.

- Bryce, Co-Founder

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March 20, 2021

Thanks Peter! So glad you are enjoying them. We do not have the feature to transmit the roger beep tone to the receiving radio. It functions more as a way to know you transmitted your message without looking at the radio. I’ll admit this was a personal preference of me and my Co-Founder. We’ll keep you posted on if we update that feature in the future!



March 20, 2021

Really love these radios. The only feature I miss is the Roger beep that transmits the tone… do these radios have that ability? Just kind of miss it

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