5 Watt Radio

5 Watt Radio



Please note - each radio is sold individually

We’re excited to introduce our GMRS radio with IP67 waterproofing, 5 days of battery life, and 5-watts of power for optimal range. This radio is fully compatible with our award-winning FRS Mountain Radio.

Designed and tested in the mountains and rivers of the Colorado Rockies, the radio is rugged with protective rubber padding and a shatterproof LED screen. Each radio is hand-tested to IP67 waterproofing standards (1 meter submersion) and includes a water-shedding design for quick communication in white-water.

The 5 Watt Radio maximizes two critical aspects of a backcountry radio: battery life and range. The radio includes a specialized 1800 mAH battery that achieves around 5 days on a single charge, even in frigid conditions (-20°F). The radio transmits the highest GMRS power (5-watts) permitted under FCC regulations. The max range is over 35 miles, however, 2 to 8 miles is typical in backcountry terrain. For more info on range, please see our range testing video.

Easily attach the 5 Watt Radio to packs and other gear using the integrated steel gator clip (with 360° rotation) and backup leash. The radio is also compatible with our Carabiner Loop Attachment which comes with either the Quantum ultralight climbing carabiner or locking carabiner that we crafted with our local Colorado partner, Trango.

The 5 Watt Radio includes useful features for the backcountry, including access to 11 weather channels and NOAA weather alerts, as well as dual-channel monitoring and transmitting. The radio’s GMRS designation unlocks 8 repeater channels to relay & extend your transmission range, as well as a removable antenna.

Each radio comes with a compact and high-performance 7.5cm antenna installed, and our longer 17cm antenna is included in each box. The 17cm antenna moderately improves range and boosts weather channel reception.

Compatible accessories:
Waterproof Hand Mic – especially popular for Backcountry Skiers

Carabiner Loop Attachment – a modular version of our original Mountain Radio attachment system with an ultralight carabiner or locking carabiner option.

Extra 5 Watt Radio battery – for long trips without charging access

Dashmount for the 5 Watt Radio – designed with Overlanders in mind

We designed the 5 Watt Radio with specific adventure sports in mind. See our team’s recommended radio by sport here.

Don’t have a GMRS license? No problem, the process is simple and affordable. Please note, this radio is not allowed for use in Canada. Checkout our blog post here.

Read about our 2 year warranty and commitment to sustainability. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us or refer to the FAQ page.

- One radio with shatterproof screen

- Steel Gator Clip

- Metal-reinforced back-up leash

- Lithium-ion battery (replaceable) and USB-C charging cable

- 7.5cm antenna (pre-installed)

- 17cm antenna option

Radio Service

GMRS (USA only)


5 Watt


Line-of-Sight: 35+ miles
Mountains: 1 to 8 miles
Forest & Hills: 0.5 to 5 miles
Rivers: 0.5 to 3 miles
City: Up to 1.5 miles


IP67 (Waterproof up to 1 meter submersion)


22 + 8 repeater channels

Privacy Codes

121 (CTCSS and DCS)

Battery Life

4-6 days
Li-ion 7.4V 1800mAh

Base Features

Privacy Codes, Channel Lock, High/Low Power Modes, Scan Mode, Roger Beep

Advanced Features

Dual Channel Watch, NOAA Weather Channels, NOAA Emergency Alert Monitoring, GMRS Repeater capable

Attachment System

Steel Gator Clip or Carabiner Loop Attachment

Operating Temperature

-20° to 120° F

Charging Temperature

10° to 100° Fahrenheit

Headset Connector

M3 Waterproof Connector


7.5cm and 17cm, removable SMA-male connector



Radio Body Dimmensions

10.3 cm tall x 6.2 cm wide x 3.4 cm thick


  • Range

    Max GMRS Range with 5 Watt Power

  • Durability

    Rugged design and waterproof to 1 meter

  • Ease of Use

    Simple buttons and 360° Steel Gator Clip

  • Battery Life

    4-6 days on a charge & cold resistant (-20°f)

We donate $2 per radio to SAR teams Learn more


GMRS (5 Watt)
Artboard 1 IP67 Waterproof (1 Meter)
Artboard 1 9.1 oz
Gator Clip or Carabiner
5 Day Battery Life
FRS (2 Watt)
Artboard 1 IP56 (Splash and Snow Proof)
Artboard 1 6.5 oz
Ultralight Carabiner
4 Day Battery Life