Mountain Radio

Mountain Radio



Please note - each radio is sold individually

The Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio is our award winning license-free radio designed and tested in the Colorado Rockies. Created with climbers and skiers in mind, the compact radio is suited for any rugged adventure where communication is critical.

A specialized lithium-ion battery provides over 4 days of battery life, even in very cold conditions (-20°F). For enhanced durability, the radio has a shatterproof LED screen and thermoplastic protective covering. Unlike the fragile plastic clips of other radios, the Mountain Radio easily secures to backpacks and harnesses using an ultra-light carabiner and back-up leash.

The radio transmits the maximum power legally allowed for use without a license (2-watts). The max range is over 35 miles, however, 1 to 5 miles is more typical in backcountry terrain. For more info on range, please see our range testing video or blog post.

The Mountain Radio is ready to use out of the box and requires zero configuration. The electronics are simple and reliable - the radio has 5 buttons that are easy to understand while still supporting the critical advanced features (such as privacy codes to prevent outside interference).

Compatible with our Waterproof Hand Mic!

Read about our 2 year warranty and commitment to sustainability. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us or refer to the FAQ page.

• One radio with shatterproof screen (4.8 oz)
• Trango® Quantum Carabiner (0.8 oz)
• Metal-reinforced back-up leash
• Lithium-ion battery (replaceable) and USB-C charging cable

Radio Service

FRS (no license required)



Privacy Codes

121 (CTCSS and DCS)


Line-of-sight: 35+ miles
Mountains: 1 to 5 miles
Forest/Hills: 0.5 to 3 miles
City: Up to 1 mile


2 Watt


Privacy Codes, Channel Lock, High/Low Power Modes, Scan Mode, Roger Beep


IP56 (Splashproof/Snowproof, not submergible)

Battery Type

Rechargable 1550 mAh Li-ion

Radio Body Dimensions

9.3 cm tall x 6.3 cm wide x 2.8 cm thick


Radio Only: 6.1oz, with leash: 7.9 oz

Operating Temperature

-20° to 120° fahrenheit

Charging Temperature

0° to 100° fahrenheit

Charging Type

USB-C (Charging cable included)

Headset Port

K1 (dual pin 3.5mm-2.5mm) type


7.5cm, non-removable


  • Durability

    Shatterproof screen and protective covering

  • Range

    1-5 mile range in mountain terrain

  • Battery Life

    4 days on a single charge

  • Ease of Use

    Carabiner and backup leash for quick access

We donate $2 per radio to SAR teams Learn more


FRS (2 Watt)
Artboard 1 IP56 (Splash and Snow Proof)
Artboard 1 6.5 oz
Ultralight Carabiner
4 Day Battery Life
GMRS (5 Watt)
Artboard 1 IP67 Waterproof (1 Meter)
Artboard 1 9.1 oz
Gator Clip or Carabiner
5 Day Battery Life