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2020 Search & Rescue Award Voting

This winter, we launched the first annual Rocky Talkie Search and Rescue Award, designed to provide $10,000 in total funding to four volunteer search and rescue teams and celebrate their accomplishments. Teams from across the country were nominated. Our panel of judges narrowed it down to four finalists that exemplify the incredible lengths SAR teams go to to keep us safe in the backcountry.

Meet our 4 finalists for 2020:

Summit County Rescue Group
Multi-day Ridge Extraction with a Blizzard Coming
In one of the most involved rescues in Summit County history, volunteers extracted a patient over a ridge and more than 1,500 vertical feet through remote, loose terrain high in the rockies—all just ahead of a looming winter storm.
Potrero Chico Volunteer Rescue
Shattered After a 130-foot Climbing Fall
Kaspar Podgorski should have died. Instead, he was left with a broken femur at the base of a cliff with wet, technical fourth-class terrain separating him from the road. A team of volunteer climbers and rescuers rallied together to get him out.
Lake County SAR
Stranded on a Fourteener with a Spiral Fracture
When Mike Marr’s ski hit a hidden rock and failed to release, he was left immobile and in excruciating pain on the slopes of Colorado’s highest mountain. Just as night fell, Lake County Search and Rescue arrived to begin a complex winter rescue on skis.
Organ Mountain Technical Rescue Squad
Eviscerated at the Bottom of a Desert Ravine
This summer, a hiker fell 30 feet, shattering his pelvis and tearing open a major artery. Quick action from the Organ Mountain Technical Rescue Squad allowed rescuers to pull off a complicated extraction from a desert ravine—just in the nick of time.
Which team should win? Vote below!